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What is Review Blast?

Review Blast is a way to turn your best reviews into Facebook ads that go in front of 2,000+ potential customers every month.  Your best reviews each month will get turned into a digital ad, and then we target people that live within a reasonable radius around your business to see those reviews right in their Facebook newsfeed.  Your company logo and phone number will be on the ad as well.  When they click on the ad, it takes them directly to your website or Facebook page, whichever you prefer. 

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful advertising methods that has ever existed.  Now, your happy customers can be telling thousands of people each month just how much they love your company, rather than just 1 at a time.  Reviews are the most powerful form of marketing you can do, and Review Blast ensures that your reviews are put in front of 2,000 (or more) people each month, rather than just those who are looking on google or Facebook for your company. 

Review Blast is different from the automatic posting that can happen on your Facebook page of recent reviews.  This feature is a way for you to post reviews on your Facebook page, but it is only seen by people who have liked your page and are connected to your company.  Review Blast goes out to all of those people who are potential customers--not current customers, employees, or family that have already liked and are connected to your Facebook page. 

How does Text Marketing work?

From right inside the LOUDreviews portal, you will be able to create a simple text message with an offer to your existing customers.  Something like this:

Hello! If you stop in today, you will get 15% off anything you purchase! Reply STOP to stop.

You input your message or special offer, and within seconds it can be sent out to your customers.  You decide the message, and we make sure it’s compliant with all text marketing laws.  It’s that simple. 

Text marketing is an extremely effective way to drive new revenue into your company.  With that said it’s important that you don’t text too often, otherwise people will start to opt-out from receiving them.  Typically, 1-2 texts per month is the most you will want to send. 

How do I get cell phone numbers?

LOUDreviews provides you a pre-built solution to start collecting cell phone numbers from your customers.  We send you a small display you can put somewhere on your counter--by the register where customers check-out is our suggestion.  You simply display the sign to bring it to your customers’ attention, and then they opt-in by sending a text.  We collect their info and securely store it in your account.  As an extra incentive, many businesses will offer a same-day discount of 10% off their purchase when they opt in. 

We will then follow-up with an invitation to write a review about their experience.  Additionally, this number will now be available to you for your own text marketing campaigns you want to run.   We make it incredibly simple to do.  Here is an example of the 8.5” x 11” or 5” x 7” image you would display on your counter:

Can I catch and fix upset customers before they post online?

Anyone that owns a business knows that no matter how hard you try there are always going to be certain people you can’t please.  With LOUDreviews you get a chance to find out who those people are before they go online and start posting about it!

When you initially send out the request for a review to a customer, they will see something like this:


If they select anything other than 4 or 5 stars, they would then see a message like this:

This response comes directly back to you, allowing you, or someone at your company, to immediately contact them and resolve it before they go online and post something negative.  This incredibly powerful tool allows you to turn unhappy customers you didn’t even know about into happy customers BEFORE it damages your online reputation. 

What are the Gold and Platinum Partner Programs?

The simple answer to this question is that the Gold Partner Program is focused on helping you get reviews and manage that entire process with CURRENT customers.  All of the tools in the portal to gather reviews from current customers are all included as a Gold Partner. 

The Platinum Partner Program adds some powerful marketing features to your Gold plan.  Everything included with Gold is also in the Platinum plan.  Platinum also includes the Review Blast marketing solution to get your best reviews each month in front of 2,000+ potential customers on Facebook. This powerful marketing tool turns your customers into a powerful voice online to tell 2,000+ people per month why they should choose your company.  There is no stronger message you can send to potential customers than raving reviews from current customers who have done business with you already. 

Platinum also includes the ability to send out texts each month to your existing customers. You can create a text message in seconds for special offers or discounts, and then send it out to your entire customer base. 

For even more details, please visit our Features page.

How do reviews help my search ranking?

Google has a specific algorithm they use to decide how they rank local companies when someone types in a phrase like:

“Carpet cleaner near me”

Keywords on your website, and in other places online, have historically been the primary driver of that ranking.  Recently, however, that changed.  Google now uses reviews from customers as a major search ranking criterion.  This means the companies with the most positive reviews are going to be ranked at or near the top of search results. 

The more positive reviews you have posted, the higher your search ranking.  It’s really that simple.  It’s also important to note that when people are looking at multiple options when they are searching for something online, the one they will most likely choose to click, call, or visit is the one with the most positive reviews. 

What review sites can I post to?

We currently integrate with over 75 review sites, including Google and Facebook and many, many more:

Description: https://www.loudreviews.com/images/g4.jpg

If there is a site you want to post to that is not included in our default list of 75, we provide a simple tool inside the portal to add any others you would like to include, so you can have those in your review funnel process with customers. 

What is the difference between Review Blast and posting new reviews to my Facebook page?

Review Blast is a marketing service for Platinum Partners that takes your best reviews each month and creates a digital ad that gets pushed into the newsfeed of 2,000+ potential customers that live near your business.   A review that is posted on your Facebook page is only seen by those people who are connected to your Facebook page. 

Can I have my reviews posted to both Google and Facebook? 

Yes!  We automatically post any review given on Facebook onto Google (and vice versa).  Any review received on either site will always be posted in both locations to help you get more marketing results from those positive customer reviews you will be receiving through our platform each month.

How do I get my customer information into the LOUDreviews online portal? 

Our automated email and SMS campaigns allow you to reach out to your recent customers over time to facilitate a steady stream of reviews. Follow the steps below to get the most out of your campaign.

Step 1: Customize/set up your campaign

Before accessing any campaign features, you must first complete the initial campaign setup by filling out the fields in the Setup Email/SMS Invite Campaigns window. Once you have completed this setup, you’ll have access to all campaign features.

By default, the first email or SMS to a recipient will be sent out Immediately after a recipient becomes Active (more on this below). Deactivate recipients on Click will also be turned on. You can adjust both of these settings in the setup window.

Please note: using a free email address – e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Aol – in the From email field can cause your campaign emails to bounce.

Before sending out any emails or SMS text messages, take some time to customize your email campaign. This will help convert more customers into reviewers.

Consider personalizing or intensifying the wording of the emails or text message. The default language is serviceable for a wide range of businesses, but the more directly you can speak to your customers, the more you stoke the sense of reciprocity that motivates them to complete a review for you. If you need some ideas, consider mining your existing reviews for other motivators to touch on in your email messaging. For example, highlighting yours as a local business that needs your customers’ support to compete with the Big Guys – people love to be needed and many want to support your business.

To get started, go to Dashboard > Invites > Email.  (SMS setup is the same process)

Step 2: Create a spreadsheet and upload your recipients

While you can upload recipients one-by-one (click the Add a Recipient button), you can upload a high volume of recipients at once by creating a CSV or XLSX file. Upload your file by going to Dashboard > Invites > Recipients and clicking the Upload CSV/XLSX button.



Step 3: Activate your recipients

When setting up an automated email drip campaign, contacts you upload (via CSV/XLSX or one-by-one) will automatically be added to the ‘Pending Recipients’ list, where they will stay until one of the following happens:

  • They’re automatically moved to the Active Recipients list (you must toggle on Auto-activate pending recipients daily?)
  • They’re manually moved to the Active Recipients list (after clicking Activate all Pending Recipients or toggling the ‘check mark’  in their entry on/green).

Auto-activating recipients

This feature will automatically move a set number of recipients to your Active Recipients list every day (provided that there is enough room on the Active recipients list – you are limited to 100 active recipients by default). To turn on this feature, set Auto-activate pending recipients daily? to Yes. You can then set how many recipients per day you’d like to activate (the default is 10).

Once a recipient is active, they will begin receiving your email drip campaign. Active recipients eventually become Inactive recipients. Inactive recipients have either:

  • Received all emails
  • Unsubscribed
  • Submitted a review directly to your landing page (i.e. not to any third-party site)
  • Submitted feedback via the contact form
  • Opened or clicked through a campaign email (only if you’ve turned on either of these settings in Dashboard > Invites > Recipients > Activity)

Inactive recipients stay on the list for 180 days (unless you manually delete them change the expiration date), after which they can be re-added as active recipients. The system will prevent you from re-uploading recipients on the ‘inactive’ list, thus preventing you from sending your campaign to the same customer twice.

Tools for staff and clients

You can use our shared invite and opt-in forms to engage staff, clients, and end customers in the recipient adding process. Access these forms at Dashboard > Invites > Invite & Opt-in Forms.

The shared invite form is a password-protected web portal that you can give to staff or clients to let them add recipients one-by-one or via bulk upload. The opt-in form can be presented to the business’ customers to have them opt-in on-site and move directly to the Active Recipients list (if the list is full, the recipients will instead go to Pending).


Please note that while our system benefits from high deliverability, a certain percentage of emails (around 15 percent of all opt-in marketing emails) will inevitably end up in spam filters – even if you’ve done everything “by the book”.

What if I don’t have a Google Business page?

It’s not a problem at all.  As a part of your set-up and onboarding process, your account manager will help get your Google Business page set up, so you can start receiving reviews!  We help you through the whole process, and it’s typically live within 7-10 days after signing up for an account with LOUDreviews. 

What if I don’t have a Facebook page?

If you don’t have a Facebook page currently, we highly recommended you set one up as soon as possible.  LOUDreviews can help assist you with the basic account set-up, but you would need to provide your own content and Facebook posts for the page.  It is certainly not a requirement to have one to use the review platform, but to take advantage of all this program has to offer, you will want this set up.  If not, the reviews you receive will not be able to be posted to your Facebook page.  However, if Facebook is not a part of how you market, then it would not be required for you to set one up. 

What are review funnels?

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What is Kiosk Mode and how do I use it?

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How do I manually add reviews to my review stream?

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How do I change my review funnel landing page?

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How do I export data from the portal?

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